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Seems to me that people are only too eager to pass around and openly share the bleakness of their fears and prejudices with the world until nobody can stand anybody and yet everybody is the same. And most of the time am I no different in my hesitation to close the door no matter how cold it has become in here, because if we’re all uncomfortable then in fact nobody is uncomfortable.

198: Better

Repair it now. Then see to the error in judgement that caused it.


Forgive them that love you carefully, and approach you like to a candle’s flame that bears propensity to ruin that which it warms.


Without focus, you will need the unnecessary.


These days will not always betray your striving for usefulness of them, so bear cheerfully the ways of the world that is yours, – knowing that a deeper experience thence shall occur, and after will come into view beneath the abrasion to your kindly disposition, no purpose known to wonder about, and many reasons rightfully not to anyway.


They are weak who do not, though they should. They are foolish who do, though they should not. They are wise who do not, though they could.


Perhaps concealed, not absent.

Sydney, 2014

Sydney, 2014


Not for a seat in the clouds after, which there is not, but because you love. Which you do.


The reason is justice.


If you had no fear preventing, who would you be now? Though it is not possible to annul those misgivings in thy breast, you must regardless, entertain at once the thought that it is not too late to live an honourable life. That you may approach your final repose, ready and content, – that throughout your lifetime being afraid did not once deter you from choosing the rightful course however difficult, or from making reparation – having summoned what strength was in you to act, not for your own, but for the common welfare, and enriching thus the lives of any who crossed your tenure in need, than rather shrink at your vulnerabilities. Far better to have done what you could for all, with what was of your own portion.

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