70: Citadel

Peer out over the plains of your citadel, and see there at the fringe of visions reach, a spectacular civilisation would surely rise, if you would be confident to rule your thoughts.

4 responses to “70: Citadel”

  1. perhaps.
    can I say, perhaps control of thoughts is (at best) superfcial. could thoughts be not unlike clouds across the sky; sometimes light and airy, othertimes dark and heavy? all part of the sky, they come, they go, but nevertheless integral to the totality of existence.
    could it not be the problem lies with grasping at certain thoughts and trying to be rid of others?

    • Perhaps, Jay. Who is to say? It is important to note, that this is just a journal. A record of reminders and reflections at a point in time, and certainly does not represent a compendium of my final thoughts on any topic. That said, while I think you cannot necessarily control the thoughts that enter your mind, one does indeed have choice in how one responds to those thoughts. And is this not ruling them? Not to deny their existence or vanquish them outright, but to simply decide on the effect that they have over you,- to steer them in the direction that you please.
      Beautiful thoughts though Jay, thank you for sharing. And thank you for pushing me.

      • Hi Danny
        thanks, no offence intended.
        Perhaps you are right, there is a ruler of thoughts.
        Though then we crack open this kernel, thinking reveals another kernel, that reveals another kernel. And so on. For each so-called answer another question arises.
        Meanwhile, thoughts come, thoughts go.
        And how wonderful it is.
        Love your wordcrafting.
        Kindest wishes, J

  2. Absolutely none taken, sir. You are right too, and maybe this is why I felt compelled to begin a journal. To give these contemplations some kind of release. I appreciate the kind words, thank you. I am enjoying your posts very much, and I am trying to interact a little more.

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