The sun appears to seek me this morning, as though I were especially in need of consolation. Or, perhaps if I am unfamiliar, what a greeting of unreserved warmth received, that sifts with gentle enquiry between sky bothering buildings to find me out each turn. Though I walk in alley shades presents no impediment to sunlight touch for majesty soaks there eventually. Such fine, fair-weather days make a man turn upon himself his criticism, and appropriately so if he any holds at all, as Nature Herself offers sour intent no harbourage, nor pursues a malicious result. It is who from Her wandering comes to round the experience miserly, incurring much of the perturbations one seeks to avoid. The wise, however, set to the task, with unguarded and scrupulous inner discourse, survey their own depths for any stall to progress, as either happening then or on the verge and inevitable, through life as in accordance with Nature, – for hindrances there located, are also there resolved.

Soul, are you well?

If you are, then it is well.

…but you are decreasing here. Admit fragility, for recent travels have again returned you alterated. When rather you be the agitator, firm with stoicism wherever stood, you waiver instead with shifting constitution arousing your aversions, over-moved by an enormity; of what remains unfinished, in what little you have seen of the globe; and how much you have spent already, morose and asleep without respite that has no right to any so far as are able. You do well, to keep in mind the debt is closing day by day, and to your own forfeit will any worth the while venture in life be undertook. Away then, where you will; for a moment will you be at all, and then you will be gone. What matter one hundred years hence and to whom where you stood as much as on what principles? To probe the Earth if for any reason choose not reason without, to perfect yourself, and take up all the truth can you carry to that end. Methinks you have drawn from this city what experience and development can of those aims, and have grown thus remarkably to what becomes its detriment, by staying. There is much to do, so this is farewell; all have been fine tutors.


Danny James Blog Sydney City Australia 1/2

Sydney, 2013
Sydney, 2013

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