An outlook at odds will do well to dissolve sourness of familiarity imbedded across the lands. A traveller sees most only what plenty or want is in them, assenting information as relative by evolution of ones figuring, in response to experience and a perceived usefulness at hand. The stimulus unchanged across all minds but for the translation. The subjective eye, builds upon, adds, and perchance distorts; impressions become anything other than conflict with unconstructive passions. The objective vision is afloat; removes and refines, steadfast in truth and simplicity. And well may there be irrepressible beauty abound, they would find it not who elsewhere seek it improved. Going always here and there, starting anew and completing nothing through discovers none but an uncertainty reigns wheresoever one stands, and commuting ones troubles will less dislodge than it rather ensures. So, what then is it withal turbulence you cannot be shook of? Have you not enquired your part thus, instead presuming so well of yourself as to cast out censoriousness and leer? The world and all Creation has mastered harmony and duration while you, an isolated phenom apparent, divine in three decades commit to rending yourself; abdicating the very power of objective reasoning that, although distinguishes humankind, does not separate it from the Whole of which it is a role and member. Our aversions have roots in our desires, and visa versa; they share common soil, and first there we must tend if anywhere is to be enjoyed with untroubled and meditative vigour.

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