Day: January 28, 2014

  • 182

    Often my own private character discolouration terrifically suffers remedy when in another, I witness the same affliction far more advanced in its governance.

  • 181: With vanity before reason, is Winter every season

    What then, is impressing on you this tension that you seem unable to dissolve? That knows you through, and hits on the mark with perfect, disabling blows, and yet you cannot name or touch. It is you sir, the source as well remedy, of your cold anxieties. It is not with reason you have pitted […]

  • 180

    For some time you could not figure what role it was that best fitted to your Nature and ability, or even if it were a disservice identifying with but one ideal at all; but here, the Artist translates, the Philosopher must know, and you have not the patience for these, but the sinews and energy […]

  • 179: The way

    Seek to be wrong. You will arrive nearer to the truth of things.

  • 178

    Further he goes, his own limits knows.

  • 177

    You will betray yourself if you seek in them your own cherished and honoured traits.

  • 176

    It can rain, and long may.

  • 175

    Ever onwards with strength.

  • 174

    Neither unaffected or avoiding, your faculties have become such alike precision, that can little within your compass come not with its portion of usefulness and appropriateness to your life.

  • 173

    It rained some, light and fine. And I knew beyond the areal dance of dew and mists evanesce shone a working Sun, that didn’t at all mind and finds never its own energy or any, reason to worsen. Only recedes but with grace into the afterward, as must we if bests our fellows untempered. There […]