Day: August 25, 2014

  • 360: Cost of calm

    Only beyond the experience of pain can you truly be touched by pleasure and appreciate an insight that arises in the wake of devastation. Passing a bedlam deepens the peace.

  • 359

    Do not fixate on the result but convene your energy and resources to the habits that implore the process. Know will it all be temporary.

  • 358

    A man needs an evening walk with his reflections. Where the world returns to him his thoughts, refined and cleansed.

  • 357: Smash

    Through and onwards. Steady speed.

  • 356

    That you knew, those spacious days of cheerless youth tripping in its faults were a preparation. To vehicle the lessons across a divide and steady the course home for those behind. That you would find soon your own way calmed. How all things are focusing towards an elusive balance.

  • 355

    How golden the moments left. How precious when fewer the days become, that shade soon should cut us off from our ambitions and separate us from our loved ones. How clear it is now the choices I do have, and the man I would be. How calming that knowledge, and strengthened I am.

  • 354

    Does this cause you to swerve from your principles? Bring it to an end.

  • 353

    I cannot know where it is that I may be headed, only how I will get there.

  • 352: I promise

    For my time so far, I can only offer: don’t withdraw, soul. You cannot be realised alone. Surround yourself with, immerse yourself in the goodness of good people, as I have done, and you will smiling live a life serene, as I do.

  • 351

    Training builds authority.