398: Of the things I wish I knew

There’ll be some cold years son, and for the most part you’ll make them yourself. And though still you may not yet be all the way through, this much know:

The road that you take is the only one there is.
Who you are, is the only one who can make it.

Let the things that make you afraid, awaken in you who it is you need to be, to overcome. Do not go wandering off alone into the woods, there’ll be no retreat there. Put that thought out of your mind, and learn to let in again the love that you came with. Learn to love the world as it is and more importantly, your place in it. Because you’re going to be needed. Love, with the entirety of your gentle heart without the expectation that it might be returned; for a long time it will not, but that’s none of your business anyway. Above all do not lose your well-meaning and good cheer for anything.

…for anything.

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