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    Be resourceful with your action. Success is a reality that needs to be acted on. Patrick King

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    A mans rise from bitter and unremarkable circumstance begins with a trajectory of thought, positioned far higher than can his situation impair, and that is neither customary or comfortable. By a docile tenacity we can all arrive at clever intentions that, in truth, have most often been considered though occasionally expressed and seldom honoured with […]

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    The smallest deed is better than the greatest intention. John Burroughs

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    There was a time, when I allowed feeling to guide my actions in life. And that really is all that I can say about that time.

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    Have restraint. You do not need to speak of all things, but let all things betray their own exactness.

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    For some time you could not figure what role it was that best fitted to your Nature and ability, or even if it were a disservice identifying with but one ideal at all; but here, the Artist translates, the Philosopher must know, and you have not the patience for these, but the sinews and energy […]

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    Between cause and counter, lies gap enough for indelible decision.

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    Unless they are aligned with your own hopes and pursuit of a truthful, just and purposeful existence consigned by Natures ordinance, be absolved of your need to carry another’s heavy expectations. More so, abandon those of your own forming you would dutifully hoist upon your bowed shoulders by some misled sense of import. There is […]

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    What can be regretted, thought or action if born from undiluted goodness? Be, as much as humanly possible, decidedly and adamantly good. You deserve it so.