Tag: ambition

  • 294: An imperfect system

    Can it not be said, that only he can meet calm and relief who is storm-worn and standing and who has not stumbled thus his respiring? Who has allowed his balance to find him by at last keeping still though else nothing is, and having flung to the gusts for the valley below his charge […]

  • 269

    You will know him rogue that appears the saviour, whose fame is to ambitions end, preserved by wretched men.

  • 234: Little plane in the sky

    Wherefore are you going, little plain in the sky? What yonder doth thy ambition reside? O man, that cannot things let lie, And no brims passing before cloud delights. Those hoping souls thy vessel confined, What grief or love is put behind? Towards great change perhaps some ye climb, How braved uncertainty with must ride. […]

  • 108: Of all the rains that fall

    Methinks, of all the rains that fall, the best fall wholehearted and constant. That disregard ambitions hold any for the week it washes, and where no assumption of relent or sun is obvious through the cloudburst. Only then do we feel permitted unreservedly, to stall our cheap and demeaning enterprising into the world, and confine […]

  • 64

    Though kingdoms are risen and ages rewrote, the true leader remains phantom; his ambitions well-bespoken.

  • 16

    I wish would you know the much you miss, and recall those curiously lavish ideas your childhood forgot, when wide with bewilderment fresh eyes would drink and drink, and no part of defeat would taint the nourishment. Estimate where now underfed you stand; how age has so dried the blood and plundered ambition from it, […]