Danny James

Tag: better


At the end of it all, if you have done the best that you could, it will have been the only thing that you could have done. Nothing else.


Expect nothing. Do what is appropriate with good will, and move on.




The simplest schoolboy is now familiar with truths for which Archimedes would have sacrificed his life.

Ernest Renan


Define and refine need. Predict and receive. Process and perceive. Corrections come and ideas new. Integrate and review. Better becoming will better do.

249: Be upright and steadfast

Be upright and steadfast. Go silently with purpose refined and follow your logical premonitions. Round the advantage. Distill your actions to the finest necessary. Say what isn’t improved unsaid, and in your goings, leave a thing as you find it or better for the encounter. Meet your enemies without conceit and overcome them with gentility. Give to the all, and against the rush of everlasting night, thrash hard.

198: Better

Repair it now. Then see to the error in judgement that caused it.


Who is this Seraph the soul abides, that elicits in me a duty and function diviner and more extensive than can flesh adhere, that makes me both yield, and better?