Tag: choice

  • 382: Vargtimme

    It seems plausible now that since even before you came into being have you been stamped with a role and those remarkable, burdensome qualities that all your lost years, drifting, aching over and denying could not remove. As though you are composite of various fragments of star matter and galactic debris dispersed, come together by […]

  • 354

    Does this cause you to swerve from your principles? Bring it to an end.

  • 350

    They must rouse no more than a fascinated glare, the things which stir outside of me that I cannot control.

  • 305

    In good humour, and ready to adjust, if the Whole requires it.

  • 304

    Failing well, is to prevail.

  • 303

    Endurance: cultivating the habit of prevailing.

  • 252

    He paid for his perception, and earned his silence; well knows the struggle of all who would rise to their yesterdays. Courage now is day by day, and strains he his meditations above the clouds that mantle his mood, which spread to his exquisite rapier glare. To none nor himself would kneel. Vision deep and […]

  • 228

    It is by might of conscious influence that a man can improve or deteriorate any days condition. You can not subdue your thoughts but their effect, and this alone is within your grip.

  • 226

    Stand sentinel of your conduct; admit only that is authentic, benign and imperative, and turn away any without all.

  • 161: That within the mind’s authority

    Yet, true for some as it is for you, that to whatever place by incident are you drawn always seems the only place could have, as what happens there as happens must. And if convinced by displays which present themselves initially without further investigation, these events would suggest a foreordination since the very opening trice. […]