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    Be resourceful with your action. Success is a reality that needs to be acted on. Patrick King

  • 382: Vargtimme

    It seems plausible now that since even before you came into being have you been stamped with a role and those remarkable, burdensome qualities that all your lost years, drifting, aching over and denying could not remove. As though you are composite of various fragments of star matter and galactic debris dispersed, come together by […]

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    In good humour, and ready to adjust, if the Whole requires it.

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    Failing well, is to prevail.

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    Endurance: cultivating the habit of prevailing.

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    Impose thy will upon each day; life will thy whims yield.

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    Between cause and counter, lies gap enough for indelible decision.

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    In the end, it will all have occurred by choice.