Danny James

Tag: circumstance


Endurance: cultivating the habit of prevailing.


For endurance. Not abatement of tides circumstantial.

161: That within the mind’s authority

Yet, true for some as it is for you, that to whatever place by incident are you drawn always seems the only place could have, as what happens there as happens must. And if convinced by displays which present themselves initially without further investigation, these events would suggest a foreordination since the very opening trice. However, not to destinies or gods, or other such rumour and invention that evidence can not support, provoke yourself to rationalise an unreasonable or undue indebtedness, but rather acknowledge your own qualifications in the helmsmanship of your life’s direction. Mark! that you are thoughts and matter, retained of an inherent autonomy for choice; and if unto each turn of chance you approach observing and expecting, equipped with removed neutrality not the same as resignation, thus by might of will through practise can you dye the more coincidental subjectivity of occasion, with plain-coloured precision of fact as it is known, and consequently, wring out a personal utility. Sift the mire of circumstance determined for the gold in every interaction, and where your own thoughts take passage, frequent the corridors of their origins and bend the course toward truth. Accepting, studying and by reason refining all moments, that you may from one to the next with properly formed judgements receive or be relieved of prosperity without angst or any change in disposition soever; rathering prudence such scarcity of wealth brings, if affords the hardship but an opportunity for the exercise of resilience against the passions that serve you not. Accepting. Accepting, presupposes no exceptions; a stringless admittance. The only clause being there is no clause. To accept implies also, gap enough for decision.

112: Finally

I believe I have finally arrived at that fine and bracing estate of contentedness for which we all strive, yet stray many from. Where the gradient begins to level at last and reveals a most appealing and inhabitable clearing in all directions within the kindling eyes compass. I’ll tell you, have I never found so much progress or benefit, as that day I stood with my own heaping harassments, and decided that for all my dying days I would none but ‘be a friend to myself,’ and left all the frivolous details and unnecessaries the soul grudges itself abiding. All men and fortunes expire by instants. The future someday will come, and must be forgot, only quick enough to recollect to oneself the value in every remaining hour, nor need one calculate what has passed but for how it has progressed thee to these glorious moments to which the wise will bind, and thus in all circumstances of the world, a present and willing friend find.