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    Don’t complain, contribute.

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    If you had no fear preventing, who would you be now? Though it is not possible to annul those misgivings in thy breast, you must regardless, entertain at once the thought that it is not too late to live an honourable life. That you may approach your final repose, ready and content, – that throughout […]

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    I would eventually return to the city, because I could be by myself best of all. And this wasn’t of much use to anyone else.

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    The sun appears to seek me this morning, as though I were especially in need of consolation. Or, perhaps if I am unfamiliar, what a greeting of unreserved warmth received, that sifts with gentle enquiry between sky bothering buildings to find me out each turn. Though I walk in alley shades presents no impediment to […]

  • 115: Gone

    Abaft a brooding climb, finally we mount the firmament, which suspends our dot with an affable keep and steadies our careen down the Tasman, settling ahead the finest conditions for flight have I ever encountered. The ocean and upper-wide parapet are an indivisible frontier of immaculate cobalt, that, were it not for one vivid and […]

  • 106: Improve

    Improve every opportunity to sit aside passivity, with other reckless seekers, and exchanging such acumen as have lifted cities, pursue all that is truth and betterment for all.

  • 101: The pavement

    They spread themselves o’er the sun-gladdened pavement consoled for the rare effect, and how nice, I thought, to be unstifled of anything at all, and mightily wished would it last that all my souls journeys or recesses were so unshod as my weary soles presently. Perhaps, but for the binding, no soothing completes, or prevails […]

  • 70: Citadel

    Peer out over the plains of your citadel, and see there at the fringe of visions reach, a spectacular civilisation would surely rise, if you would be confident to rule your thoughts.