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    For a little over a month now Sydney has been swept by an habitual storm fall every Sunday, preferring its visits late in the afternoon. It’s as though the skies have been pent-up all week and delight, as we all do to finally let go. It is always the same; a short stay, a passing […]

  • 315: Distance

    Stamina, heart? This is reasoning past reasonable gravity. In this realm my strength is none. My Sun, my saviour, my giving grace; turning away from thee, is but looking ahead for thee.

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    O daybreak, that I am ever with fresh gladness seen, and not honoured to evenings conviction, that today I do not mean.

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    In my declining years when no more, or merely will my formerly firm limbs take me there I should choose to wander, but failing to comply with the pace of my still fresh fancy’s wonderings, I will renovated recall that divine intersection of my youth, when by some celestial summons I turned over many a […]