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419: The passing of time, in the shade of stirring trees

How much blessing here, among this holy mountain expanse and crystal air. Surely could one remain here his days with no troubles gather, abolished of all trial and desire. O Nature, she draws me so soundly, my hopes are with the clouds these grateful days, I cannot resist their charm. I’d enjoy to watch them sail on forever and nothing more. Grant me this one request skies; a heart that is placid, free and attuned, for now and all the time that is remaining to me.

126: The window

I have been several uncompressed days, without an account of my becoming, and delighting in the contours and tone of a new morning sky has long been increments clear of reach. For those wonton days leave little to heave upon the pages then, and all the disenthralled while I was courting distraction has Nature borne the lonely anniversaries with hushed distress, waiting at the window dressed in Spring light.
Between us I put every bleakness. I am the sole bringer of the sleet that piles sable on our sill. I closed tight our portal, by coarse inattention, wandering terribly, failing, and still would She not know how to produce an unfair Winter. Her fits She takes for thunder but apologetic snow flakes prove, swirling for some place to be hid of the shame and Her warmth by soon dispelled. She will not withal long let me brood to trivialities, sighing unawares the breeze finds fissure under my glacial coat to the busied consciousness leads, and I am saved! Saved at last from what grave hex overtook, when all thy severest balm did nothing dissuade. It amounted to a whisper, my rescue; surrounded and agonisingly crystal –

Your mundane duties, forswear. Come back to me.

Man, never your eyes avert, whence being gone must some part return; to reconcile with Universe.

Bondi,  2013

Bondi, 2013


When after many days the rain eases at last, mine is rather a relief for what it leaves us, than it’s leaving. I burst from my house to collect the many graces; to inhale a bettered air, with expectations of a healthier day. My exuberance skips ahead, thoughts tarry behind. For what I hope to find never Nature withholds. The mood that I bring comes back to me.

There is a balanced quality in the after-shower atmosphere. The streets cleansed, and everywhere trees have caught crystals, dropping pearls from their branches stooped. Unnecessaries are washed from the spirit, like loose leaves from the boughs. Creation starts over.