Danny James

Tag: dawn


At times, by a precise and perfect Aurora coaxing my artistry needs that won, comprises the sweeter aspects of any day. But for some crack in the spell by untimely distract, escapes thus my Nymph to the woods where can no hope from dispersion be rescued.

103: Whisper

The sky this morning, all Her best condiments expelling, presses forward a full blush of blue, and lays a soft latticework of fair-weather cumulus across her ambrosial nape, woven tightly and tighter still the further ones look adventures though not the least tempering of charms beneath. As alluring is an unblemished azure, blatancy dulls that whisper animates, and farsightedness prizes.

Bondi, 2013

Bondi, 2013


How charmless now my thoroughfare’s become, in wanting stooped for the sweet encounter over, and prompting thus a double-loss; to rest on the arrival, exhausts the way; In pining for refreshing dawn, neglects the calming dusk.