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  • 483

    And still there is so much of this world to see, to feel and to experience. To move on from and forget, to make room too for the unknowable and not be hindered by memory.

  • 452: Giants

    Not defeated, nonetheless shook and dispersed, a once formidable confidence. In all things cheerful now. In time, moving forward makes whole again the giants we once were.

  • 217: Patagonia part 3 (Amy, somewhere)

    Strange it now seems that it bothered me how she would always dawdle behind while there was so much to see, and I’d never notice at the time that she was happy enough just watching me. Heading toward wherever I was, to end a searching in my arms that were never open. I recall with […]

  • 206: Alive

    And there is still much more life left in me, that I can become so overwhelmed by the possibilities and vastness I have to explore, and an eternity which I cannot, – I just stand there holding my breath and staring, brimming.

  • 130: Patagonia part 2

    Dec 14 ’13 Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport Greeting Customs officials at Santiago, for their lot in robust manner and expression of disinterestedness, were not found to be so rigorously adherent to formality as promised, and instead the affair of entry proved a quicker, less intrusive experience than had rumour forebode. Although perspiring barely […]