Tag: effect

  • 139: Over the pond

    Though the sun I daily see, I am never at the hour of its promise, rehearsed in the effect. Every occasion retains a new and unique array of lucent qualities that encroaches upon expectation and suspends the senses of the seer in dreamy relief. For as long as it is often and never the same, […]

  • 101: The pavement

    They spread themselves o’er the sun-gladdened pavement consoled for the rare effect, and how nice, I thought, to be unstifled of anything at all, and mightily wished would it last that all my souls journeys or recesses were so unshod as my weary soles presently. Perhaps, but for the binding, no soothing completes, or prevails […]

  • 60

    Consider you had within your effect, the power to upturn all your miserly fortunes and restore to balance a former calm long unremembered; so rare and suffuse, would a king wanting quit his throne, and vacate an empire to spend his life a pauper in the hills content as ever was any being on this […]