Tag: fate

  • 374: Veruca

    My Dear and courageous friend, With ruthless honesty: What do I value? Am I living my life in accordance with those values? What can I do? What must I accept? Practice, practice, practice. The rest, to fate with improvised optimism.

  • 286

    You can read your collisions. Your direction, not.

  • 250: Spirals

    Think of the black and immeasurable abyss overhead that hangs all things in its charm. The rolling spherical mass upon which man is fixed and depends, fated in spirals and shall ever be; and how insignificant your own reach and influence in this pattern.

  • 204

    Look on, with reasoned forethought and ready recourse. No expectations. The process is yours, the outcome to fate belongs.

  • 150: If what’s best is truth

    Enough of this, reasoning dissonance and tactical logic – the reality is not always what logical deems. Safety in careful successes can hide the confronting facts of our meagreness of which disaster reminds us, compelling a fundamental modesty in the face of overruling chance. Intuition, at times bears a profoundly accurate foreknowledge of buried abilities […]

  • 99: To build a galaxy

    Thou patient, vital Atom. Upon soft gravity’s lull mayst thou happen at last, upon another particle of the same ruptured star.