Tag: fear

  • 382: Vargtimme

    It seems plausible now that since even before you came into being have you been stamped with a role and those remarkable, burdensome qualities that all your lost years, drifting, aching over and denying could not remove. As though you are composite of various fragments of star matter and galactic debris dispersed, come together by […]

  • 378

    We fear far better than we comprehend our might.

  • 127: Becoming viper

    That you have met the viper’s fang is not to figure every rock or shrub some dreadfulness conceals and avoid forever the trail’s attract, but see how all the wood’s creatures affrighted are, and veil the scourge in aggressive policy.

  • 69

    Fear no more the concealed afterward; there is no heaven or hell, but thoughts construct, here on earth.