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  • 497

    I would quit this job in a second for a chance to take photos like this all the time. I would write my girlfriend everyday and call my family from a pay phone Bane

  • 378

    We fear far better than we comprehend our might.

  • 377: Look homeward, angel

    That you are capable of miraculousness, does not make you miracle: we aim, consistently and devastatingly lower, than the stars indicated in us.

  • 360: Cost of calm

    Only beyond the experience of pain can you truly be touched by pleasure and appreciate an insight that arises in the wake of devastation. Passing a bedlam deepens the peace.

  • 351

    Training builds authority.

  • 350

    They must rouse no more than a fascinated glare, the things which stir outside of me that I cannot control.

  • 297

    But not fixed.

  • 293: Tropic

    Is it a heavy price he happily pays?

  • 292

    A common and avoidable misery of our times is in perceiving always a need for a new start or clean slate, and having opportunity for it.

  • 267

    They would not see him now, who knew me yesterday.