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    Training builds authority.

  • 339

    Strange what resource is found when few or truant are our choices. Strength tends to linger, and comes to the line at once upon a noble challenge.

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    Failing well, is to prevail.

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    Endurance: cultivating the habit of prevailing.

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    For endurance. Not abatement of tides circumstantial.

  • 298: The good life

    Ah strain, it piles over. To triumph or perish. Live forever, in high spirits and digging always your way up, or lay down in the sand and be dust. Do you not know, we’re in paradise? It seems the blinking stars would only swallow the cries you never make, and so you forget while everything […]

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    A true and formidable wellbeing springs not from comfort, but, is rather extracted by honest and particular considerations of difficulty borne. Calamity instructs by eventual. The justness of an anguish is never forthwith known.