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508: Space

How long you have denied the mind it’s quiet and the skin it’s thrill. The gentle heart, enthralled and contained, the space to replevin and elate.

486: The indefinable

“If we want to keep the old language, still using such terms as “spiritual” and “material,” the spiritual must mean “the indefinable,” that which, because it is living, must ever escape the framework of any fixed form. Matter is spirit named. After all this, the brain deserves a word for itself! For the brain, including its reasoning and calculating centers, is a part and product of the body. It is as natural as the heart and stomach, and, rightly used, is anything but an enemy of man. But to be used rightly it must be put in its place, for the brain is made for man, not man for his brain. In other words, the function of the brain is to serve the present and the real, not to send man chasing wildly after the phantom of the future.”

― Alan W. Watts, The Wisdom of Insecurity


A mans rise from bitter and unremarkable circumstance begins with a trajectory of thought, positioned far higher than can his situation impair, and that is neither customary or comfortable. By a docile tenacity we can all arrive at clever intentions that, in truth, have most often been considered though occasionally expressed and seldom honoured with the decisive and fundamental industry fruition of worthwhile change requires.


”Sometimes I want to take in everything at once, and leave the confines of my singular existence. To not be so contained within myself. I’d like to leave my isolated mind and body and dissolve into the air. To stop interacting and fighting energy and integrate myself into energy itself. My mind would spill over and the contents would disperse themselves into the atmosphere. It wouldn’t be able to reel anymore; it would simply become enfolded in the life vibrating all over the universe. I want to be so fluid that I can experience the vitality and emotions of whoever I encounter, anywhere in the world at any point in time. I want to be a speck on a timeline running infinitely in both directions, skipping back and forth across it.”

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Mindfulness: An unattached attention.

Potency of focus. Sensory precision. Dynamic equivalence.


A blank page and a freshly risen intellect, is like a clear stream, a fine breeze and a view of morning free and unhindered of anything at all; pure and bracing already, and space enough for what enter may.

133: Fly my pretties

”Thou dost occupy the rightful air for this private news; a sole utterance, that shall never after again have liberty, as with all my confessions that stand ready for the first tedium light through lips, to leap at the vista of thy sunset presence. How they would fly to thee with pretty autonomy, that twist and writhe in my pent. Like all my better qualities that finding need of thee go directly, obtaining tonic in thy inheritance and no other.”

”What news then is this, that grant’st thou one mention, and about my skies no less for its only flight?”

”I came not long ago upon an intersection, of great significance.”

”I know it well.”

”Better than any. I had then but two choices; both terribly contrary in exposure and comeuppance, and thusly would impact my life with vastly differing quality and measures of experience; one way against Nature, the other in accord. After many years on the former path with outwardly reward and success assured, but no delirium love; no deep and satisfying urgency, and certainly no influence of benefit upon the wider civic, and so I found myself perennially clamouring, and miserable, going but halfway in every endeavour, accomplishing nothing. In secret hoping of a havoc would erase the way and any bond I had to it forgotten, that would I at once be free and absolved. This was ill counsel I am aware now.”

”I believe thee to have been thoroughly out of thy mind, but when finally thy good heart consulted. It was the appropriate discretion. Men often don’t think themselves into happier states. The heart doth know the direction, the mind is to best the obstacles there.”

”Truth. There was to be no grand disappointment when I did walk away from all manner of compromise my heart could not risk itself to. It is true, thou canst not have confidence of arriving uninjured of any venture, but know that by Nature, all that happens must.
It was with nervous mirth I begun the present way, whereupon thy friendship gave, as well many pleasing unknowns and unforeseeable difficulties, with barely resource or payment but for the process: a satisfaction simply in the conduct of good and meaningful work that warms like the first rays of morning sun; knowing certainly there is no pointlessness attached to the tenure, though from the outcomes shadow have I removed myself.
These outlooks do cultivate an enjoyment and calculated haste for ones work, and dawns so a luxuriousness of imperatives the old order lacked, and nothing reflecting the shined shortage it profusely gave that draws men to their destruction. They think me mad, for slaying cold my future supposed, and displaying withal the look of unfettered relief, like to one who thinks he has rescued it.”

”But what fresh report dost thou eagerly bring, I would eagerly hear?”

”I’ll tell you, by some depraved humour the fates have now sought to insert a diversion, and with patience will I learn the root of the matter. Though I have far and happily taken this road, I have not yet come so far as to be obscured of the first, as well the capital it yields in the end, which heap the greater the farther I drift. Verily, the mind has at times stolen curious glances backward, pondering what awaits me there I did not go. It cannot be avoided. But to the mark, it has come to me now an offer thence, to return that way I shun and accept a position enviable and uppermost as can be achieved with what qualified talents I possess within the realms of that trade I abandoned.”

”Sir, art thou divided again?”

”Not a scratch! I cannot e’en acknowledge a brush. Providence perhaps that I can still looking back perceive it for every transparency it strains to hide, and it is but clearer now than a cloudless day, I cannot go to it. I would have it is fruition of all my previous efforts come too late; a final check of my resolve to live proper, it seems. Untutored would I happily have yore received that I am not the least by tempted anymore.

”All my gladness, smiles on you.”

It is a radiant light yet upon a wasteland, thy reassuring. For yet a chasm retains, that knowing thee of my newfound fortune of days, it feels like quite forever will lapse before thou wilt arrive again to the ending we had entertained, though but a moment passes in the present discourse. Wilt thou confirm false conjuring true? Methinks it a heavy task to wear merely my friendship, yet thou dost carry it so easily I would assume thou art holding none at all. If were my reason not by invention’s reign impaired I might instead behold in thine eye at this, a distant point of agitation flickering in the open cosmos thither. Then break at once ties, if it be so; that I esteem thee better than thou wouldst be esteemed. It is commonplace for all I do not want, to want me so.




Fear no more the concealed afterward; there is no heaven or hell, but thoughts construct, here on earth.

62: Discoursing with intellectuals

Deliver us from the monotony of fools?

Perhaps sir, the intellectuals will bury themselves first.

Perhaps thy introspections, though striking may they be, are boorish and unuseful to common minds that into thy calculation saunter, and who benefit the better from deliberate action of the limbs, than rather prolonged deliberation. In truth, there are many brands of intelligence under the human scope; those whom thou wouldst consider dullards, that pay no invest to such stale and vain pontificating, might enjoy a maturating emotional intelligence beyond the reckoning of the super thinker who recites the technique of heartache that has not its awfulness stood, but sits dry in his library studying and forecasting the climate though rain still wets and suns still set, and tilts he at a draft condemning the impression for hurricane. It is not correctness nor helpful to censure anyone would not entertain thy admonishment, neither is it a defect in them if thy virtues do not their thoughts inhabit. The campaigns of fault-finders have always met with unconscious success, and closed at their own feet. Nay, deliver us indeed from the foolishness of wise men who surmise their own limit for world’s end. The many components of human aspects are, in the tiniest significance, so entire that we’ll never exhaust one of her capacities, but the ripening be assured, as all but youth well know, is ever ongoing – conceivably the perfect human monotony; for along the aeon of this human diversity, there is no tedium so diminishing and diminishment starved, save the concepts of ‘each other,’ and ‘better than.’ It does not befall a single star to illumine the midnight shade, but by every star, bright and humble are enchanting evenings made.


Mind yourself, in thought and deed. They endure, long after speech.