Tag: need

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    You already know your souls need. There are no obstacles but what you must leave behind, to acquire.

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    Define and refine need. Predict and receive. Process and perceive. Corrections come and ideas new. Integrate and review. Better becoming will better do.

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    To those splendid souls of heavenly composite, quick to kind words and deeds pure; return the favour. Unto the ill-humoured hellion, escapee of limbo, would slander and mistreat you; abandon the philosophy. Act not in kind but with kindness affront. Offer the first goodly favour that direst need, and witness at once; dissolve of hostility, […]

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    At last, I have reached that age the elderly folk often would depict, where I fain envy no more than simple pleasantries, such as a book and a cup of tea, to see out my evenings. If it be, as indicated it would, within my refined want and most essential influence to improve the moment, […]

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    The fault is mine, that like a balloon ascending the sky, I could not be doted on and rushed from your gentle hand first wind, needing oblivion to love you better.

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    I have in its increase, ever an ineffectual cure, and so must withdraw for a while, to suffer remedy of writing nothing.