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    Sometimes, progress = not getting what you wanted, but, just getting a little closer to it.

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    Reading art thou winged.

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    Even if one cannot interpret the worthwhile qualities inherent in wet weather, it is still a good rain nonetheless, that reminds of the more companionable and traversable moods of the elements, and heightens the gladness when visited by once more. Nature bestows that one prepares for, and can thus be found in all Her temperaments […]

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    If you can say to yourself, ”I have never went to failure, without faith,” then have you not bested defeat?

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    How can you improve upon this moment? Not what has yet to come and may not, or what has been and cannot again. Now, where you are, with what have you. Consider this will; how remarkable an energy you possess!

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    A true and formidable wellbeing springs not from comfort, but, is rather extracted by honest and particular considerations of difficulty borne. Calamity instructs by eventual. The justness of an anguish is never forthwith known.

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    The getting of wisdom depends upon the ideas one is willing to abandon.

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    Often my own private character discolouration terrifically suffers remedy when in another, I witness the same affliction far more advanced in its governance.

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    It rained some, light and fine. And I knew beyond the areal dance of dew and mists evanesce shone a working Sun, that didn’t at all mind and finds never its own energy or any, reason to worsen. Only recedes but with grace into the afterward, as must we if bests our fellows untempered. There […]

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    An outlook at odds will do well to dissolve sourness of familiarity imbedded across the lands. A traveller sees most only what plenty or want is in them, assenting information as relative by evolution of ones figuring, in response to experience and a perceived usefulness at hand. The stimulus unchanged across all minds but for […]