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    However solid foundations of Deductive and Inductive Reasoning as analytical conduits to Knowledge, elasticity of capacity for acknowledging is the sojourners key, in reality, where are side alleys and strange pathways of Critical and Speculative Thought not often demonstrated that can cut a way.

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    With constancy receive; the bitter and bounteous, is as needs.

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    Upon your response to reality depends your growth.

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    Drape the world in transparency. See all things for what they are, not as you would have them.

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    The unthinkable too, is an irrefutable.

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    Simplify, enough to move ahead with reality intact.

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    What brings this burgeoning tumult of rapturous insight, the unknowable depths of which into it appears I have not so much fallen as leapt? Like a heretic sentry from his all-seeing, overlooking formation suddenly shot alive with option of startling contrary, and broken the spell of the deepest convictions of his identity; neither with the […]

  • 150: If what’s best is truth

    Enough of this, reasoning dissonance and tactical logic – the reality is not always what logical deems. Safety in careful successes can hide the confronting facts of our meagreness of which disaster reminds us, compelling a fundamental modesty in the face of overruling chance. Intuition, at times bears a profoundly accurate foreknowledge of buried abilities […]

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    My character softens unirritated in the hazy afternoon of life and with enduring things that have shadows concerns itself, for fewer honourable engrosses remain. The quickened steel of Auroral days matures an apprehension, and beyond camp have meditations lingered in broadening circles of superstitious instinct. Agonising, that I have seen much and weighed all, yet […]