Danny James

Tag: scene


This guy, this counselor at Lewisburg…
…Mr. Seawald, once said to me:
“Charlie, you run out of steam.
“You can’t sprint all the way.
You gotta stop sometime.
“You can’t buck it forever.
It catches up to you.
“It gets you.
“You don’t get reformed…
“… you just run out of wind”.



Sincerely, I hope in my heart for that day not long from now, with dear children of my own and a contented soul for the scene. Then can I slip a moment unseen from the reverie, to my present self who could not such things dare perceive, and translate to him small relief.

71: Watching Winter

This old bench has braved the changes, and, perhaps for its lonely place has long enchanted me to sit and share in its story, or receptivity learn. Under strained Apollo’s grace, reacquainting myself with a Winter scene when playful Aurae dance upon the atmosphere with jovial abandon, weaving and brushing glassy chimes whose tickled laughter is symphony of children’s revelry. The arterial bough that splits the sky has long ago cast off her lush ribbons and contented seeming with her nakedness displayed, owns a most essential refinement that nature consents yet ever struggles humanity against. We too, in due season must, without arrogance our gifts receive, and surrender them without strife.