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  • 352: I promise

    For my time so far, I can only offer: don’t withdraw, soul. You cannot be realised alone. Surround yourself with, immerse yourself in the goodness of good people, as I have done, and you will smiling live a life serene, as I do.

  • 149: At least a sense of being

    The speck that is your life, soon enough will disappear. And you must laugh at this, now. It’s only perfect. Right into the glaring vacancy of space thrust your unoffended frailty. Whole and from the lovingly riotous kernel of your infinitesimal being. And broiling your chemistry to the plenitude of amusement, burst open to the […]

  • 8

    Else what lingers upon my fancy like her pretty smile; the very aftermost of morning stars, which is by the pressing day veiled from my guessing, and delights then some other sky? Brief is the parting, for come the hour prevails still evening, and with it returns all the enthralling little gems of thought, and […]

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    I shall like to be resembling that cheerful fellow, who on his way, smiling greets every passer-by as though a friend dear, whose trail is to the encounter thrice warmed, and through the breach, kindles a small torch in each by which they may home to a kinder self, be guided.