Danny James

Tag: stability


Everything is in a state of flux, or change, and war and strife between opposites is the eternal condition of the universe.


The human body too, submits to its own unique array of dynamic tensions. Between all parts there is constant adjustment, coaction and strain occurring, to keep you as close to a state of equilibrium as can be achieved against an always changing stimulus, or environment. Perspiration, elevations in breathing and heart rate, losses and gains in body mass, are but some of these wonderful harmony chasing mechanisms at play. Stability is the goal, and an ever-moving one at that. The pound you gained or lost since yesterday may not mean all that much, so bring your thoughts around to the idea that there is a chance your body is according perfectly to its design. You will never twice inhabit the same body. Have this faith.


Mindfulness: An unattached attention.

Potency of focus. Sensory precision. Dynamic equivalence.

294: An imperfect system

Can it not be said, that only he can meet calm and relief who is storm-worn and standing and who has not stumbled thus his respiring? Who has allowed his balance to find him by at last keeping still though else nothing is, and having flung to the gusts for the valley below his charge and strain of striving vain. By not gripped by the incertitude of factual things such as winds and aims, they ceased to fatigue him and fell away into vanishment the more he fought them not. He has seen his depths and caring less for heights is happy if he can burn the day sitting on the adret of his Himalaya, to finish a good book and gathering there in himself like the snow and sunlight around him, and passing unhindered through his own being like the tide of ordinance.

105: A steady and affectionate shower fell this morning

A steady and affectionate shower fell this morning, and every adamant droplet rushing from its vapoury port, when realising its terminus in my eyes, reduced at once its ire to a fine and delicate mist, that would sorrily fall the other way if it could. Kissing my lashes like snowflakes, they rest there, huddling globes of lightness, that I dare not blink them away, – and finally my frown is useful; channels on my brow, for the courser divers; the larger orbs, that fell together, came together or simply broke too late.
But this effluence from above with the flurry in the avenues bears remarkably the same tragic withheld presage that impresses on a still and starry night alone in the wigwam of your wilderness. Of all her moods and mobility, Nature retains yet her stability and perfection.
I was about done concluding my reverie, when a madman saddling a canary yellow vesper trots into my enclosure and remarks for the second time how advantageous it were for two-wheelers on days like this that so few others were out. Before I could mind how many more imperilling vehicles we’d thus contend with, he loosed a frenzied hilarity from the surging earth of his being, out of the caldera in his face and I noticed then how the drops crashed into his cheeks with all the unrepentant Kamikaze they could. Our unaffected knight lunged his brave and abiding steed into a difference and sailed like satin into the streets,- and I figured how grand it were that we’re all just down here together, while there are among us still those rarefied agents who read the magic in the pits of the midnight black between the stars and raindrops.


With reduced impressiveness have Locusts whole fields devoured, to that I can accomplish of my reflections but freshly roused, before the Lark confounded is risen the day to greet. How Natures stability is violence by compare. Not to boast productivity, rather present appeals; mind its unending fount, intuition. You will never thus be long idle, or overly frenzied in business, rather balanced perfectly withal.