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Be ok anyway.

461: Quiet days in Bondi

What of the year’s Summer? The evenings bear an Wintery air. A chill has endured for now a week and quickened us to a fresh esteem for its qualities. Delicious-to-the-eye band of Cumulus appear to sit than rather pass in quietude. Fuller, yet more dazzling and eloquent on their own, in the Suns departure.


Today, spend as many moments as possible in awareness that this moment is a place you’ve never been.


Don’t complain, contribute.


Leave a good dent.


Anyway. Still. Despite.

446: Course

Allow a gentler pace to lull you back to the window, where a breeze delights the long-slept senses. Abolished instinct hums to life and Nature again kindles your enthusiasm for the healthier days ahead.


All shall be well, friend.

Bondi, 2015

Bondi, 2015


You cannot go back. It is a gift to the wind.


Things have to happen.