Danny James

Tag: stoic


At the end of it all, if you have done the best that you could, it will have been the only thing that you could have done. Nothing else.


What is gone, makes room for gain elsewhere.


Reflect most upon loss when there is abundance.


Ask yourself, what is it on this planet that I know something about, that needs doing, that wont get done unless I get up and do it.

James Kerr


I may never know.

What do I know?


Your soul staggers? You know well it will not have peace at your compromise.


Expect nothing. Do what is appropriate with good will, and move on.


Believe that every man is at his best and acts to the present level of his power of understanding. As must you, without complaint or distraction but ongoing rectification. Should you find toward your task that you stand alone with the uncommon division of labour, it should not constrain you thus to work still in the best interests of this great city. That you have carried out your role is the rightful course and this debt is not cancelled by aid or witness.


There is no wisdom to be got without struggle and the passing of fruitful years. They age quickest when permitted first from the inside. Approach representation and discover things for their essential elements of dust and intent and how they co-operate with the Entire. Flow through each experience undisturbed and go to your point neither shrinking from the unknown, nor clinging at the past. Leave things where they lie and be done with it there. You are the keeper of your state, on this pilgrimage to the shadows.


Duty; to be good, just and useful.

Sacrifice; as in what must you leave behind, in duty.

The love of family.

Are there any other which compels a man to remain? I think not.

Clarity of the senses. Sun, Wind, and Earth.