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  • 149: At least a sense of being

    The speck that is your life, soon enough will disappear. And you must laugh at this, now. It’s only perfect. Right into the glaring vacancy of space thrust your unoffended frailty. Whole and from the lovingly riotous kernel of your infinitesimal being. And broiling your chemistry to the plenitude of amusement, burst open to the […]

  • 148

    Your faults, in seeming and actuality like rivers can surge and subside at a breeze. Trust not what first reflects on the surface will resemble a later form, or imply its final force. Temper the impression by warmer seasons of thought, as can pressing winds goad the climate and patterns of water. Choose to see balm, […]

  • 140: A note from July

    What a delightful invitation each morning extends, to enjoy buoyancy of all my cherished hopes for the day and fashion it as pleases my soul. Can a lesser situation than the feeling of perpetual Christmas morning be anticipated, if one is, by tenderly prodding of his rational intuitions charge, awakened? To consider a different mode of living, to […]

  • 139: Over the pond

    Though the sun I daily see, I am never at the hour of its promise, rehearsed in the effect. Every occasion retains a new and unique array of lucent qualities that encroaches upon expectation and suspends the senses of the seer in dreamy relief. For as long as it is often and never the same, […]

  • 137

    The sun appears to seek me this morning, as though I were especially in need of consolation. Or, perhaps if I am unfamiliar, what a greeting of unreserved warmth received, that sifts with gentle enquiry between sky bothering buildings to find me out each turn. Though I walk in alley shades presents no impediment to […]

  • 134

    At times, by a precise and perfect Aurora coaxing my artistry needs that won, comprises the sweeter aspects of any day. But for some crack in the spell by untimely distract, escapes thus my Nymph to the woods where can no hope from dispersion be rescued.

  • 133: Fly my pretties

    ”Thou dost occupy the rightful air for this private news; a sole utterance, that shall never after again have liberty, as with all my confessions that stand ready for the first tedium light through lips, to leap at the vista of thy sunset presence. How they would fly to thee with pretty autonomy, that twist and […]

  • 129

    There is no way knowing as the sun retreats, if it is perhaps for you the last of days. Withdraw but a moment as the daylight dims, to dwell upon your change, and how equipped you have become to contribute better; if it be fortunes good grace your eyes open tomorrow.

  • 126: The window

    I have been several uncompressed days, without an account of my becoming, and delighting in the contours and tone of a new morning sky has long been increments clear of reach. For those wonton days leave little to heave upon the pages then, and all the disenthralled while I was courting distraction has Nature borne […]

  • 125: Patagonia

    Dec 14 ’13 – There is a point in the auroral air, when, not arrived to full definition, cloud and sky are one hue dividing gradually, and the hinted at majesty unfolding pours steadily into the patient soul a satisfied resignation. Birds inform of the event by song, and flutter in the blue darkness from […]