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    Believe that every man is at his best and acts to the present level of his power of understanding. As must you, without complaint or distraction but ongoing rectification. Should you find toward your task that you stand alone with the uncommon division of labour, it should not constrain you thus to work still in […]

  • 374: Veruca

    My Dear and courageous friend, With ruthless honesty: What do I value? Am I living my life in accordance with those values? What can I do? What must I accept? Practice, practice, practice. The rest, to fate with improvised optimism.

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    The man of humility seeks only to conquer the distance between himself, and truth. It is an ever wander-some way. For he who would rather to his pride submit, there is a smaller world, of which still he sees but a corner no further needing venture than his perfect presumption of correctness.

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    It is not your concern how other people treat you, but instead how you treat yourself.