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  • 488: Sally in the Sun

    The realisation had barely settled upon the consciousness when my face had been brought home into Sally’s hands. As she whispered my name and drew close, I caught in the instant, the glimmer of long obstructed joyousness in her eyes. Suddenly, with space enough to run, and a great gasp of the soul free in […]

  • 481

    How infrequently we recall, those sigh heavy times of grievance rarely are fed on the infinity invested.

  • 477: Last Night

    Experience is what you got when you didn’t get what you wanted. Howard Marks

  • 463: Overheard

    There is danger that we lose sight of what our friend is absolutely, while considering what she is to us alone. Henry David Thoreau Consider who a person is in their entirety: who she is to the public, to her friends, to her family, who she strives to be, who she struggles being, who she […]

  • 449

    A little light came in today. Remarkable, it has been day time all along.

  • 448: Patagonia part 12

    You’ll know. When you don’t notice the sunsets behind Her.

  • 445: Sunlight

    06/12/2015 10:17PM Ah…… How have we let do much time go by without a hug? Tell me about your life xxx So* 08/12/2015 10:21PM I have a beautiful view of the sunrise over Bondi’s ocean every morning. It helps quiet the mind and get’s my day started right. I jump on one of the 3 […]

  • 443: Sally in the evening

    I was delightfully careless, in this period. Acutely aware of an increase widening near and happy to let my evolution towards its full blanket and assuming occur. I let things lie as howsoever presented, and whatever purpose lie in the kernel had I no regard to discover. Perhaps for reasons wise in retrospect, had I […]

  • 434: Patagonia part 10 (asleep)

    You are going to need experiences that startle you. Places that stand you astounded and silent, utterly captivated by all the beauty you never knew were possible until you saw it in that moment. Where the skies are a crisp cold blue like you’ve never felt, and below, the quieted souls of this worlds truant […]

  • 406: Breathe this air

    Now and then, you will look up suddenly from a task and being acutely aware of a benign agitation you have paid little notice of, you’ll straighten. By some prompting of curious immediacy you’ll crawl out from the heap you’ve taken upon your shoulders and step outside of the blur of passing moments to try […]