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    Be resourceful with your action. Success is a reality that needs to be acted on. Patrick King

  • 495: Work

    Luck is not something you can mention in the presence of self-made men. E. B. White

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    Believe that every man is at his best and acts to the present level of his power of understanding. As must you, without complaint or distraction but ongoing rectification. Should you find toward your task that you stand alone with the uncommon division of labour, it should not constrain you thus to work still in […]

  • 385: Sally in the Winter

    I was discovering the advantages and obstacles of increased perception. From posting my meditations high above instead of among the boulevards of twisted metal and scrap industry dreams of the old coughing steel-city. A town that flirts with change like single romantics who give twice as little as consume, and so edge forward in a […]

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    When you enjoy the work that you do, and are able to make a living from it, there really are no long days.

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    ”You do not lay down. You are too important and there is too much to do. Take what you have and make something good with it.”

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    He who uses well his time and enjoys his work, sees little value in vacation. A man, in this sense, can save his day with a walk.

  • 293: Tropic

    Is it a heavy price he happily pays?

  • 279: By the moon

    Be a man of direct and conscious aim, and go quietly about your work. If you must speak, be clear and concise offering up no superfluities. Keep a flame on the cause.

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    But thoughts and words. How lives a man day by day?