445: Sunlight

06/12/2015 10:17PM
Ah…… How have we let do much time go by without a hug? Tell me about your life xxx

08/12/2015 10:21PM
I have a beautiful view of the sunrise over Bondi’s ocean every morning. It helps quiet the mind and get’s my day started right. I jump on one of the 3 motorcycles that I own now and head to work early where usually I stay all day. I love my work, it’s extremely hard and extremely rewarding. It buries me most days, with sheer and responsibility. But it brings out the best in me. I’m helping other people and that is helping me. People rely on me now, and it is a heavy weight but I’ve never had so much strength and sense of purpose. It doesn’t feel like work as much as duty, though I’m trying as ever to balance the work/life thing. I feel like I have everything that I need, so I’m also finally warming to the idea that I should at least try to find a wife and settle down to a quieter life, with a family and all those things, and share something of something. I do struggle to picture it happening, but I admit to myself that it might be nice. I have wonderful friends who I don’t see nearly as much as I should. In the end I’m just really grateful these days, for the life that I’ve been given, and what I’ve built with it and I like the direction it’s going, and I’m taking more and more ownership of that direction and my choices as I go on ahead. I think I like the man I’m becoming. Always though, when I finally take a breather and step aside of all the rushing and busyness I find myself thinking of all the wonderful people who I miss so dearly and you always come to mind, peering over the hill like a beam of morning sunlight. You are one of my favouritest people on this Earth and I miss you.

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